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At last the mild weather looks as though it may be around the corner signaling the approach of Spring. Now is the time to start thinking about planning your first catfish trip of the year. The rise in water temperatures will stir the catfish from the silt and put them in the mood to feed, this is the time to take advantage of an early feeding spell and bag your first cat of the season.
We will be adding some new articles to the site this month and updating all the venue section to make the site even more informative. Check the site over the next month for the latest updates.
Best of luck and keep sending the pictures in!

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Description - The Wels Catfish has a long, scaleless body like an eel, with a large head and mouth. The inside of the mouth has rows of 100s of tiny little velcro like teeth on the top and bottom of its jaw, these are used to hold its prey before passing it to the two sets of crushing pads at the back of the throat. It has six barbules, two long ones on the upper jaw for detecting its prey and four shorter ones on the lower jaw. It has a small almost pointless looking dorsal fin whilst the anal fin stretches backwards until it almost reaches the tail. The colouration of the Wels can vary from fish to fish but normally they have dark eyes with a dark greeny black body with creamy yellowish sides creating a mottled effect. Albino looking catfish are sometimes found but are very rare, these have red eyes and a yellow/creamy colouration to its body.

How to catch a Wels Catfish - There are various methods to tempt the Catfish, one is to ledger deadbaits consisting of Roach, Rudd, Carp, Tench or eels. From the information i have found it is best to look for any likely feature that the Catfish would patrol like marginal shelves, deep holes, old stream beds and snaggy areas and place your bait here and wait. Livebaits are another top favourite, fishing with the above fish baits but alive! The bait can be presented just below the surface using a dumbbell rig or if possible a weak link tied to the opposite bank. I have been told this method produces very violent takes, so make sure you are by the rods at all time! Worms are a very underated bait and can be devastating if fished just off the bottom, only to be used at night though as every other fish in the lake will want to eat them during the day. The most common bait to be used on most commercial fisheries at the moment is the Halibut pellet. The pellets come in various sizes and are best fished with a few large pellets on a hair rig over a bed of smaller pellets.

Location - Catfish like to hide away in dark quiet places until they are ready to feed, which is not very often. Look out for overhanging trees, weed beds, lilies and hollows under the bank, a bait placed near any of these areas is a good bet. Anglers do say that when a catfish is on the feed it will come to you and will not be a fussy eater either.

Wels Catfish uk record - 62lb (28.123 kilo’s) 1997: R Garner from Withy Pool, Henlow, Bedfordshire.

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Along with a large selection of carp, halibut and marine blood pellets, carp fishing pellets have the new formular CatCatcher Baits which include natural extracts like L030, Hydrolysed Proteins and N-Butyric acid. Catfish are very clever and can soon associate danger with certain baits, this is one of the reasons CW Baits have changed the formular of the successful catcatcher catfish baits.
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25lb wels catfish for Glen

me with a 34lb catfish

37lb wels taken on leeches by steve

30lb + catfish for bill





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