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Success for Macca

My first trip to Witch Lakes and after baiting up with chunks of fish on a hair rig, size 4 hook and a 3oz lead i cast my baits out to the chosen spots. After about 15 mins a slow drop back and a couple of beeps ! having 30lb mainline braid any slight movement of the line and you get a response. I decided to wind the slack and lean into a heavy lump ! and at first felt it was a foul hooking as it wasn't really fighting, then it went off like crazy, hard powerful bursts and a truly amazing battle. I guess it didn't know it was hooked, but it wasn't till i see the fish on the top going to the net, after some ten mins, i could believe what i had got a 54lb Sturgeon !!

My 2nd run of the day that i connected with went off like i'd hooked a hippo ! one long mad bleeeep and after my first little drop back and the 54lb fish, what did i have on this time? Slowly i played the fish with the rear drag on reel set spot on and adjusting when needed. The fish moving with its slow and heavy, twisting and turning, powerful lunges it felt different and yes it was cause after a while a big mottled mass hits the daylight "a cat" a big cat, and a big smile on my face too. All focus on getting it in the net but all good she went in first time and i was one happy angler, a red letter day two pb's with the cat going 65lb on the button


65lb PB Wels Catfish Creature that time forgot, a 54lb sturgeon
























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