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Essential Reading - by Stephen Buss

Returning catfish alive & well is more important than any measurement, weight & even any trophy photo, this article will not necessarily catch you more or bigger catfish but better help you look after your catch, capture it on film & ensure is safe return for another days fishing. In an ideal world every fishing swim would have an unhooking mat already pegged out ready for you to use. Unfortunately this is not the case on the Ebro where 200lb monsters freely roam. In most instances the flat areas of bank that are suitable for bringing the fish up on to are rock strewn & rough.
Catfish in the waters around Mequinenza grow to over 200lbs, in order to safely secure, photo & return your fish you will need to be at some point waist deep in the margins. If you fear big fish, deep fast flowing water, physically incapable through age or disability, then you may not care for the fish properly & may need a guide who sets the example.
For a little effort, a bit of thought & literally a few pounds, you can automatically gain levels of respect from local anglers, more importantly the local water bailiff & the police when they see that you are thinking about fish care & safe return. Local attitudes towards fish return have started to change as they realise the revenue from the fishermen, its longevity through proper care & the safe return of large female catfish. Catfish care starts before you even get the baits out. Being prepared for your first take ensures you relax, read the fishes movements & respond with confidence due to there not being panic amidst your feet as friends best prepare for the unknown. Take a look at the links below and learn from the experts

Topic 1:
Swim Safety, Fish Care made easy

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Safely up on the bank, Weights & Measures, Safely back using ramp, Back in the margins, Hold on, Mouth Damage, Catfish Rodeo, Stringers & Rope Rash

Pebble Rig
- by Stephen Buss

Single hooks, elastic bands, clip swivels & 5lb pebbles are not the most common items in a cat fisherman's tackle box until now. The pebble rig & its variations for carp & catfish will prove to be one of the most effective river rigs to date....Read on


My first trip to the Ebro - by Phil Stockwell

After hearing all the stories of monster catfish being caught by countless English anglers I decided it was time to give it a go. I managed to combine 3 days fishing as part of our normal holiday trip to spain to see if i could get into those Spanish cats...Read on


Catfish Adventure on the Ebro - by Steve Ralf

My wife came home from her brothers and said that her Dad and her brother were thinking of going to Spain fishing why didn't I go along with them I thought about it for a nano second and said that I would see how much it was going to cost. I contacted my brother in law (Charlie) but they hadn't made any arrangements as yet so we decided to get together and look on the internet to see what we could find...Read on



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